Blog Manager (SCA ready)

A comprehensive Blog management tool to allow to manage all your Blogs directly from within Netsuite with no third party service required.

Edition Supported: SCA & SiteBuilder
Countries Supported: All
Support & Maintenance: Included
Authored by: BlueBridge One
Current Version: 2.5
Required External Service/Software: None


  • Supports SuiteCommerce Advanced web stores using both Reference ShopFlow v1+ or Denali Release 2
  • Blog is customised to use your site’s existing header and footer and the general styling of HTML elements included in your web site’s existing stylesheets.
  • Post articles to your NetSuite web store.
  • Automatic archive articles and display archive links in sidebar
  • Allow Blog reader’s to post comments
  • Setup moderator’s to approve/reject reader comments.
  • Auto email to notify moderator’s of new comments to approve
  • Comment approval workflow uses suiteflow and allows administrator’s to easily customise.
  • Comment submission uses reCAPTCHA to prevent non-humans from submitting comments.
  • Provides SEO optimisation through control over Page Title, URL Component, Meta Tags HTML for control of SEO elements
  • Fully templated so that blog pages can be customised (may include additonal cost)
  • Scheduled activation of blog articles
  • Search for blog articles
  • Display latest blogs portlet on home page.
  • Auto RSS Feeds for latest blog articles and latest blog comments
  • Enhanced NetSuite HTML editor for blog posts and summaries
  • Create mutliple blogs with different templates


  • Manage all Blog posts directly from within NetSuite
  • No third party blogging service required
  • Supports SEO optimisation and best practices
  • Blog will be hosted as part of your domain for improved SEO

Details Description

Successful blogging not only helps you communicate your products and services better, it also help promote and enhance your overall online presence.

This SuiteApp provides a comprehensive  Blog Managment Tool built and managed directly within your NetSuite webstore environment. Post articles then allow readers to post comments which you can then moderate before publishing.

Example Sites

SuiteCommerce Advanced: